Your Normal Life: Making every day Count.


We all had that feeling that life is passing us by and we’re just standing still, our lives are composed of millions of meaningless moments.

We are in the now, and the now can be amazing, but how?

What do the working days feel like?

Days look the same, same things or situations day and night.

You open social media only to see everybody is living, traveling, and enjoying life except you.

Celebrities that you see have a new day every day, new outfits, new styles, new things to do each day, and it’s all documented on cameras. And their life is just too damn exciting and you look at your life and you‘re doing nothing,

Or you’re probably going to work every day and then heading back home so exhausted that you just want to sleep and not wake up.

Then the next day, get up early and do it all over again.

Then comes the weekend and you are tired all week so you just want to stay home and not do anything or perhaps you have so many things to do at home, your laundry, preparing your meals for the week, etc…

And you ask yourself how the hell do these people do all this, travel, work hard, enjoy life, make money, succeed while I’m feeling tired all-day

You swear you going to work on your dreams when you get home but all you want to do is sleep since you’re so tired.

You have children and as a mother, every day is so different yet so similar and you look at other people “oh so perfect life”. And feel bad about your life

Or as an unmarried girl who’s now getting older and you only thing you have is work and friends.


Maybe you don’t even have that since you quit your job because it only drains you and you ask yourself why is my life like this?

The beauty of now?

Ok, so how do you live and have that life balance?

First, you need to realize one thing the perfect life of others you see on Instagram is not real.

That’s a highlight documented, not all of their life.

And their “perfect “life may have a lot more highlights than you.

That doesn’t mean their life is not very often normal like everyone else.

You only see their ups not their downs because that’s what they choose to put on social media.

Everyone has ups and downs trust me, you choose the way you want to view life.

We all have those moments when we are filled with excitement and awe.

 We are fully present in the moment at these times. We’re not thinking about tomorrow or rushing through the experience to get to the next.

Being present in the moment


We just need to have more of these moments and be aware of them

and not get caught up in work stress that we don’t even see the beauty of a work friend interaction when you‘re laughing your heart out.

 or the beauty of a family gathering or the beauty of the normal day-to-day life at work while getting to achieve something.

Even if you quit your job there is a hidden beauty in not knowing what life has in store for you. the beauty of not knowing what to do next, the beauty of discovering your passion and your true self, and finding out why you had to quit your job in the first place.

The beauty of shutting down your phone with all the social media and cooking a meal or taking a walk or spending time with yourself after your children have slept.

We are in the now, and the now can be amazing. However, why do we never feel it willingly or not.

 Our lives are full of pointless moments, but these times are meaningless because we don’t honor them. We’re rushing along, oblivious to them since we’re preoccupied with other things. They come and go without even acknowledging our presence.

If each instant is given meaning and importance by a small alteration in perception. If you just paused to appreciate the beauty and love all around us, as well as inside ourselves. It makes a huge difference.

Being completely present in each moment, as only the present instant exists. So many of us are preoccupied with the future, keeping regrets about the past, and ignoring the now.

It means stopping to notice the beauty and love around us and within us. It means being fully present in each moment and making every day count.

Easier said than done right?

You know that if you give the now our full attention. Then our lives become millions of meaningful moments. Nothing has changed except our perception, but it makes all the difference.

We are focusing on everything but what we are doing.


  • Recognize that there is no such thing as a “perfect “life
  • When you hear “the perfect life,” you probably envision a productive day at work followed by an early departure to spend the rest of the day with friends and family. While this appears to be the ideal situation, it is not always attainable.
  • Strive for a realistic schedule rather than a perfect one. You may need to put more time and energy to work on some days while having more time and energy to explore your interests or spend time with your loved ones on others. Balance is achieved over time rather than daily.
  • Don’t pressure yourself or put pressure on others in your life to have a perfect life .because as we have now established there’s no such thing.
  • I know you envision a certain life in your head; you need to work towards that while being truly present and appreciative of the moment.
  • Since the present is all we have, we can’t change the past and we work towards a better future and life with a much happier version of us.