Passion ,Success , and money, how they all relate to self-worth?


Main idea:

Let’s just agree on one thing: making enough money to achieve financial stability regardless of what you choose to do is always the parameter of success at least for most people which ultimately shouldn’t relate to your self-worth.  

We all have heard it before find your passion and money and success will follow! But what is passion?

It’s an emotion that drives someone to do something. Or an emotion that people act according to.

So is it a formula for success? A proven idea time and again or just wishful thinking? that’s the question I was asking myself at 10:27 pm one evening.


What we’re going to discuss:

  • What is passion?
  • The relation between success and passion.
  • The relation between success and money and passion.
  • The relationship between success, money, passion and self-worth.



It was after watching this YouTube video about a man with almost 10 Million YouTube followers in an interview talking about his passion and what drives him in life.

The thing is I had never heard of him before (I don’t know every successful you-tuber), so how did I end up watching his interview for almost 45 minutes?.

Well, it’s not like I had something better to do with my time at that moment. I was on Facebook scrolling down aimlessly when I saw this reel video of him,

He was talking about the value of time and how he wasted years of his life just doing nothing that got me interested

As I waste my time too you know and he looked fairly young maybe in his late twenties and It turned out he was, so I was like this is what I needed to hear right now maybe It will motivate me a little bit to do it something with my life.

Anyway so afterward I found myself searching on Google passion, success, and money, and many articles results popped up with questions like:

Should you follow your passion or money?

How passion is related to success?

Can you be successful without being passionate?

Why You Should Follow Your Passion Instead of the Money?

Why Following Your Passion Is Not Enough To Be Successful?

Passion vs. money.. Which one would you choose?

Follow your passions and success will follow or is it?

So clearly there are a lot of theories surrounding this topic and it’s not one definite answer The interview was about his personal development and passion for what he does and his childhood and what drives him to do what he does and what not and these are the lessons learned from it.

  • The relation between success and passion.

Passion drives your actions:

 passion is so important to your success is that it drives your actions. You’re doing what you do because you love doing it—because you believe in what you’re doing. And as long as you stay true to your passions, eventually, success will come.

 One point that strongly catch my attention was that he did not know what he wants to do in life till 2018 and when he discovered what he loves doing in life there was no stopping since then, ok let’s discuss this for a moment isn’t that what we all want in life to discover something that you love doing every single day that can earn us an income and keep doing it over and over again till we die.

Each of us has our time frame for discovering and doing things we’re passionate about at the right time. You’re never late (but that’s a different blog post).

Ok let’s just agree on one thing making enough money to achieve financial stability regardless of what you choose to do is always the parameter of success at least for most people

If what you do earns you a stable income, it doesn’t mean you have to become crazy rich, and that’s entirely relevant not specified. Since it depends on your standard of living, what your spending is like, and your country’s currency. You may be rich in one country and poor in another.

So we measure it as follows if you don’t have to worry about the essential human needs and be able to afford them then you are financially stable, as we are not discussing life luxuries and designer clothes, etc.

The single most important thing for having more energy is having something in your life that you’re excited to do. Having something you’re looking forward to when you wake up makes a huge difference.



  • The relation between success, money, and passion.

We can all agree on is that success and money are directly proportional to each other. You are not successful if you are not making any money at all, at least by most people’s standards

So to achieve money and success do you always need a passion that is where the debate comes from?

Some people argue that discipline, hard work, determination, creativity all are more important than passion, but who said that passion doesn’t include all those things. So why is passion so important?

Passion gives you the superpower of working so hard and yet enjoying every single moment of it.

I have been always been fascinated not just by successful people but people who are so passionate about what they do that others look at them and ask how the hell do they do it. How can they work non-stop and dream so big and achieve their dreams, and eventually utilizes their talent to earn an income and have financial stability?!

So can every passion turn into money and success?

Yes absolutely!!! In this day and age, people have successfully over and over again proven that they were able to convert their passion into money.

How is self-worth related to Money, Success, and Passion?

An important note that you need to remember and hopefully take into your consideration is that despite all we have discussed so far you need to realize you are of importance if you have a passion or not.

If you are Successful or not, if you have money or you don’t (Money comes and goes)

It’s that how important you are is not defined by materialistic things

I am greater than all those things.’ It is a deep knowing that I am of value.

 I’m necessary to this life and I’m important despite having Or not having money or success.


Having passion may or may not help you in the pursuit of money and success.

But what it helps you with is it gives you the drive to work harder than the average person which ultimately leads to success.

You need to be earning some money from what you do is how most people define and relate to success.

Your self-worth: your value as a human being with family and people who love you is more important and not defined by money success. You are worthy and your life has meaning beyond all of that.