Gain more self-esteem & Confidence in 5 Simple Steps


“Every professional was once an armature. You just have to start somewhere and be consistent and you will eventually get there.“

Have You Ever felt unmotivated, uninspired, and want to finish a chapter in your life and move on to the next one. I hear you, we all have been there, especially as women.

We all need a boost to our self-esteem and confidence now and then, not to feel great but only to be able to keep going.

But what is self-esteem to begin with?

Self-esteem is is how we view our self-worth and that of course directly affects our confidence and the way we carry ourselves

And as women being emotional creatures that self-worth can easily get affected by our negative thinking plus hormones, that’s a deadly combination right there.

Here are some 5 simple ways to gain confidence and raise self-esteem:

  • Do something that involves a decision and eventual outcome and follow through.
  • Enjoy something you do well.
  • Shift your focus.
  • Relax, already girl!
  • Make lists: accomplishment list may be a great confidence booster.
  • Do something that involves a decision (small goals) and an outcome and follow-through :

We all need to make thousands of decisions each day but very often we hold back on making those decisions a reality, especially if it includes something only for ourselves. You’ll gain confidence by setting goals (even small ones) and following through on them.

We are talking about simple things, but you have no idea how they can cause a big change if consistent over some time.


A tip: to get you going is Picture yourself doing it, and then give it a try!


It doesn’t have to be something big – it can be as simple as reading a page of a book every day or writing your daily journal.

We always think that we need to start big and end up not accomplishing anything at all.


2-Enjoy something you do well or try to master a skill:


“Every professional was once an armature. You just have to start somewhere and be consistent and you will eventually get there. “

Are there any activities or sports that you love participating in?

Swimming, painting, or writing are examples of activities that may keep your attention and put you in a state of flow. In that state, you forget about everything else while you’re in the zone. You are in your element. You’re enjoying yourself while being productive and the same time.

Something came to your mind as you are reading this? … Yes that’s it; the answer is always probably the first thing you thought about.

It’s a fantastic approach to enhancing your self-confidence. Attempt to try something you’ve always wanted to try if you don’t have any hobbies or things that you enjoy.

If you do anything that puts you in that flow at least once a week, you will feel more centered and happier.


3-Shift your focus:

Low self-esteem has been linked to people who place an excessive amount of emphasis on themselves. You can boost your confidence by doing something that is focused on someone else or something completely else. When you focus on the person you are meeting in a circumstance where you are meeting new individuals, you will discover that you get less nervous right away. You will notice that you feel considerably lighter at the end of the day since you have engaged with others.


4-Relax, already girl!

Learning to relax is a fantastic way to improve one’s quality of life. Calmer people have fewer memory issues and are more willing to accept life’s ups and downs with grace. Meditation has become increasingly popular as a result of this. Yoga is a physical relaxation method that you might wish to look into. Take relaxation seriously, no matter which approach you choose. The advantages are simply too enormous to overlook. If you’ve never regarded relaxation to be vital, consider this: if you can focus on something that makes you feel good, you can relax.


I do understand that sometimes you are put into situations where it’s hard to relax. I get that. But try to always remain dignified and calm no matter what the situation can help a lot with your confidence.

Keep calm girl, relax, nothing in this world is worth it anyways.


a female journaling

5-Make lists: accomplishment list may be a great confidence booster.

Consider starting small. It’s all about the accomplishment no matter what it is!

That you look after yourself along with others. You work along with people no matter where you go. You are courteous and nice.

That every day you wake up and try again even when you don’t feel like it!

That you didn’t give up yet on yourself.

To feel more prepared, make your to-do list the night before. Set aside time in the evening to write down everything you need to do the next day, rather than scrambling to plan your day in the morning. It will make your mornings less stressful, and you’ll be able to keep track of any loose ends from the previous day while they’re still fresh in your mind.

To avoid forgetting, set a reminder on your phone or schedule time in your planner to write your to-do list.

You can use a pen and paper to make your list or you can use an app on your phone.

Write down your accomplishment of the day first before writing you’re to-do list and if you can’t find any, just something as simple as that you woke up, took a shower, and went to work is an accomplishment in itself.


Use these ideas as a starting point and incorporate them into your daily routine. Keep in mind that good self-esteem is not something that people are born with; most of us have to strive for it. It grows out of the way you think and the things you do daily to make yourself happy.